Cómprame un revólver (en)

Cómprame un revólver



Julio Hernández Cordón


  • Mexico


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Julio Hernández Cordón


In a world overcome with violence, where women are prostituted and murdered, a girl wears a Hulk mask and a chain around her ankle to hide her gender and help her dad, a tormented addict, take care of an abandoned baseball field where drug dealers play. He has successfully kept her safe until the day when he, who is a bass drum musician addicted to crack, is asked to play at a drug lord’s party out in the desert. The father has no choice but to bring the girl along. The party is huge; there’s even a concert stage. Hulk explores around until the main artist goes on stage and congratulates the drug lord. In seconds, the place is flooded with the red lights from laser sights and a shootout begins. Hulk’s father hides her in a cooler. The next day, Hulk wakes up to find herself surrounded by chaos and death. In this stage, the girl fights for her freedom and tries desperately to escape.

Visual concept: 

My idea is to divide the film in two. The stadium will serve as a place of intimacy with whitewashed colors everywhere time has made its mark, as well as perhaps burned areas where completely black spaces will create abstract atmospheres. The color will come from the attendees’ uniforms. At the drug lord’s party, strong colors will stand out : cars, trucks, stereos, tech devices, all new, almost hard to believe. Hulk has entered a land of excess. The camera will be hand-held, but never jarring.