Derbi (en)




Ana Bustamante Cruz


  • Spain


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

La Asfixia

Script writer(s): 

Ana Bustamante


Laura returned from London where she migrated due to the lack of work in Tenerife. Shortly after leaving, her grandmother passed away and since then, she had not dared to return back. However now she is different, keen to stay in the island and live life to the fullest, she is ready to fall and rise again and pursue her dream life. This time she has an objective, set up the first Roller Derby team in the Canary Islands. With the freedom that arises at the beginning of someone’s rebirth, Laura is also seeking her substance, her personal essence. She is doing a self-contemplation, trying to understand her family-role that has been forgotten for so long, her sexuality and her existence as a free person in a tough society. During her self-discovery she has come across with women who had the same feeling and who help her to realize that she is not alone.

Visual concept: 

According to my documentary film expertise, I have realized that cinema is based on the truth of the images, therefore with that statement in mind, I am conducting this fictional story with the absence of special effects and focusing on fresh and organic images and situations. Roller Derby is theatrical and visual sport, so it will be the main visual character of the movie. The camera will move naturally, following the rollers moves but also the surroundings and the environmental situations, respecting the tempo of life.