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Celina Murga


  • Argentina
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Celina Murga


Mariana and Alberto are lawyers and work for an official program of mediation in prisons. In there, they lead working groups to give a speaking time to the prisoners to change the climate of violence in which they live. Mariana is warm and instinctive, and that brings her to be personally involved in every conflicts. She comes back home every evening, distressed by others’ stories and pain, shaken in her own beliefs. Alberto, on his side, is enough patient and tactful to find a solution for each problem. Mariana and Alberto are different but they complement each other and they are a team. This film is the story of their constant commitment to face the conflicts which appear suddenly in prisons but also in their relations with their own administration, where bureaucracy, personal interests and lack of funds affect the mission they want to carry on.

Visual concept: 

The film will belong to "observational cinema" style. There will be no interviews, nor voice over. The camera will record reality, even if in some cases, situations will be pre-established. We will work mostly with static shots and daylight, at the heart of situations, waiting for the conflicts to happen, with no dramatization of the visual aspect. I don’t want to make the prisons more beautiful but give a report on prisoners’ daily life and mostly, on faces’ dramatic power.