Diario de rodaje (en)

Diario de rodaje



Valeria Fernández


  • Argentina


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Valeria Fernández


A distressed film director decides not to attend the filming of her own movie. Like its director, the shooting get stuck, in suspense. We are presented with the everyday life of someone who has nothing to do and nowhere to be. The director confronts her team, who asks her to do her job. She commits to going to the following scheduled shootings but does not show. She commits to it again, and once more she does not go. Everyday life starts to blend in with her work: exboyfriends, friends, having to work to make a living. Then, reality comes in. The lead actress has to travel, but the shooting of the film has to go on. Certain fictitious scenes replicate in real life. The (real) director decides to film herself until the actress’ return, taking on the fictitious lead role. Another layer is revealed, to be dismissed (or not) when the actress returns.

Visual concept: 

I aim to lay the land for contemplation on the cinematographic form and the filming process. I’m interested in exposing the procedures that make a movie and showing form through staging, all the while questioning the role of money in the industry. It is a movie about the film industry, but it is also a selfportrait. Real-life issues will coexist with fictitious ones. My goal is for them to blend together, hence yielding a richer cinematography.