Dolores (en)




Chico Teixeira


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Absence, 2014 (Official Competition)

Script writer(s): 

Chico Teixeira, César Turim and Sabina Anzuategui


Dolores is an upbeat 72 year-old lady who do not let her age dictate the life she wants to take. She drinks with younger friends, smokes, flirts with men, likes men, have platonic relationships with them. A sensitive woman, who likes to help the others; Dolores loves to be loved. Her family life collapses when her money starts to run out. Dolores wants to sell her only possession -  a village house in the suburbs -  to buy a small apartment in the center. Her daughter tries to stop the sale in every possible way, fearing that her patrimony is in jeopardy

Visual concept: 

As the new Asian cinema, the film does not propose complicated plots or melodramatic events. A net of moments in the life of a woman in transition, showing her subjectivity and creating an intimacy between her and the viewer. It asks for a simple visual language, close to the documentary. A film of small internal movements, of little dialogue: ordinary, banal conversations that don't necessarily move the story forward. With long shots, breaks and time to observe and reflect, all actions are captured with the same incidental approach.