El Día del Pez (en)

El Día del Pez



Miguel Angel Moulet


  • Peru
  • Dominican Republic


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Todos somos marineros (We're All Sailors)

Script writer(s): 

Miguel Angel Moulet


The life of Fernando, a peruvian immigrant, is apparently monotonous. He works extra hours in a Japanese factory and visits Izumi on some weekends. She is a dancer in a nightclub. But when the illegal business he carries with another immigrant is discovered, Fernando is deported to Peru where he also feels a stranger, despite it being his country. The Day of the Fish, a strange celebration made in both countries, will make Fernando take conscience of the place he occupies in the world.

Visual concept: 

Fernando’s inner and fragmented universe is the essence of the film. Therefore, the camera is crucial to create a tension between what surrounds him and his inner space. Fernando wanders around the verge of marginalization -both in Peru and in Japan. That’s his condition; he’s a constant stranger, overwhelmed by the place and its rules. On the map of Fernando’s unmovable face, even the tiniest movement is telling us something.