El hombre de la mancha (en)

El hombre de la mancha



Neto Villalobos


  • Costa Rica


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Neto Villalobos


Carlos (40) is a motorcycle messenger with a big birthmark on his face, reason why he is known between his colleagues as “Mancha”. Despite this physical anomaly, he has never felt less than anybody. “Mancha” enjoys cruising the streets of San Jose and wasting time with his motorized friends. He spends the rest of the time with his girlfriend, who has the fetish of having sex only over their motorcycle. However, after a sudden road accident where the motorcycle is destroyed, “Mancha” will not only have to get back his working tool, but face his fear of being single and alone again.

Visual concept: 

This is a deadpan comedy that portrays the way I see messenger’s world: a daily routine of extremes, raging from “dead” moments where they gather to talk about banal things to violent accidents that often happen on the streets. The whole movie takes place in exteriors, showing a sloppy but charming San José. Most of the locations are real places, with little artistic or lighting interventions. A professional actor will play Carlos, but his colleagues will be real messengers with personal experiences.