El Paraíso (en)

El paraíso



Sergio Castro San Martín


  • Chile


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

La mujer de barro (The mud woman), 2015 (Feature Film Competition)

Script writer(s): 

Alejandro Fadel et Sergio Castro San Martín


In 1986, Pablo begins his career of photography. Here, he meets Renata (20), a young journalism student that catches his eye. Between the nights out and the different university activities, Pablo will hide from Renata his main militant vocation: Wandering the city of Santiago with his small photo camera portraying the different objectives demanded by a dangerous Front against the dictatorship. In summer 1992 Pablo is captured and condemned to life sentence in the high security prison in Santiago of murdering the alleged mastermind behind the military coup in Chile. Pablo´s Life is turned upside down as he is forced to study poetry weaving techniques, and writing. In 1994, a guard opens the gate: “Visiting hours”, he commands, pointing at him. Pablo receives a surprise visit, who through messages, will unconsciously help Pablo plan a quiet operation that could change the destiny of four inmates.

Visual concept: 

The main shooting scale will be the medium shot and close up through a direct still camera. Through the off sound or the sound presented outside the frame we will complete the diegesis of the scenes. The film will be shoot with a square aspect ratio, turning the space into an analog frame – cell where most of the story will take place. The treatment of the first two episodes suggesting and abstract naturalism based on “photographic shots” which, through the visual and sound device, evoke the presence of the fugitive protagonist.