Huaquero (EN)




Juan Carlos Donoso Gómez


  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Bolivia


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Saudade, 2013 (official competition).


Saywa (25). He is a young indigenous boy from the Ecuadorian mountains. Near to his house, there are a forgotten Inca’s ruin where he finds a small “huaca” with archaeological pieces. He takes them from this sacred site selling them for cheap, making little money. One day he finds a bigger one, but when he takes the piece back home, his family disapproves him. They ruthlessly punish him in front of the entire community in the indigenous justice way. After this event, he decides to leave his town to start a journey towards southern lands, following the Andes in South America. In Trujillo (Peru) he meets a group of men that are professional “Huaqueros” and this gang invites him to make a little robbery in Lima. Later in Lima, they meet with an European illegal dealer of archaeology who offers them a crazy amount of money for a pre-inca mummy, which is buried close to the spectacular “Salar de Uyuni” (Bolivia). During the looting they are discovered, starting a shooting were one of them die. Saywa and the rest of the gang are trying to escape driving along Uyuni, he regrets of what he is doing. In a final fight he kills his last companion with his weapon. Saywa walks alone by the Uyuni salty landscape with the mummy in his arms and with no direction.

Visual concept: 

I see the film on wide shoots, were the characters are living and crossing huge spaces and forgotten areas. like: highways, moche pyramides, deserts and mountains. But also, they’re going to walk trough apathetic and chaotic mega metropolis. Sequence shoots will construct the narrative long scenes will let the characters and the audience feel the journey experience. At the same time, camera will be highly sober; with a lot of tripod fixed shoots and steady smooth movements. No incidental music will be used on the film, increasing the usage of direct sound textures and sound designing. All characters will be natural actors, casted a long the Andes.