Ils me laissent l’exil (en)

Ils me laissent l’exil



Laetitia Tura


  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Laetitia Tura


This film is built on the travel of exiled Spanish republicans between south of France and Chile on three generations. Those stories will form the frame of the film: the journeys of Spanish exiled who were the first to know the Retirada in 1939 ; who run away from the dictatorship of Franco, who knew the internment camps in France and then the dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile before they went back to Europe. The entire project explore different layers of the transmission of the migratory patterns. Which tales of exile are built in duration, in the private and public spheres ? What can be passed (or not) overtime? Taking as the first point private objects like noise, speeches, heroes. But also silence, denial and oversight.

Visual concept: 

I will work from the idea of the fragment, from objects and pictures kept within families. Those elements will be articulated around witnesses' speeches and the importance of silence. It helps to hear an « empty » speech, beyond the social etiquette. The camera will be mostly put as a static shot. The interviews will be filmed in the privacy of the houses and the framings will overdo on the faces. Some incursions of pictures will deal with the places of the erasure of the unwanted.