Jogos de Mente (en)

Jogos de Mente



Ricky Mastro


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Ricky Mastro


Four young adults live happily together: Maya, Miguel, Pedro and Diego. The boys keep fit by playing soccer, while Maya sells her cupcakes. Their relationship seems to be based in love and trust, but actually they are together by the need to get anti HIV medicine. They don’t see this fragility of their bounds, until an outsider arrives. Leandro is a very intelligent guy, obsessed by the weather forecast man on television. One day, he discovers Miguel playing soccer with the rest of the group. Miguel looks like the weatherman. Leandro decides to infiltrate the group in order to get closer to him. He pays attention to each member´s role and realizes how to play with their needs. At the end, Miguel leaves Maya to be with Leandro and the group is torn apart. However, Leandro's intentions are not based in love either.

Visual concept: 

Our story could take place in any major city in the world, but as it is now, it will take place in São Paulo, Brazil. The characters live in a social bubble in an upper class neighborhood. Their clothes and attitudes reflect a society where everyone lives as they were by themselves in the world. They will be portrayed using a very beautiful and clean photography which will also create an environment of joy and make the public desires to be like them. The characters are against the typical HIV stereotypes: they are healthy, beautiful.