La erección de Torbibio Bardelli (en)

La erección de Torbibio Bardelli



Adrián Saba


  • Peru


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Adrián Saba


Toribio will turn 70-years-old soon and has 4 adult kids; Eugenia, a failed politician and a lousy mother. Silvester, a struggling actor with a recent heart transplant. Sara, a scatter-brained blind woman addicted to slot machines and Luz, a transsexual with an impossible love. Amidst this broken family, Toribio will fight for his sole objective: to have an erection again no matter what it takes.

Visual concept: 

The film is packed with nostalgia. Which is why we’ll shoot in the old parts of Lima, very reminiscent of the old colonial Europe with stone streets, quaint streetlights and old bars. I want to shoot with low-key lighting and frame like Edward Hopper, revealing the loneliness of the characters in the composition by leaving a lot of headroom and placing characters in corners to create isolation. The soundtrack will be made of classic boleros from artists like Roberto Cantoral y los Tres Caballeros and romantic hits from artists like José Jose or Luis Miguel inspired by the longing for the good old days.