La misteriosa mirada del flamenco (en)

La misteriosa mirada del flamenco



Diego Céspedes


  • Chile


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Diego Céspedes


1983, northern Chile. Lidia (7 years old) lives in an isolated mining town, which is being threatened by an unknown sickness. It has already killed several men and, according to the locals, it's transmitted when a man falls in love with another man. Only through a gaze. Her adored brothers, Alexo (23 years old) and Nicolás (15 years old), are suspected to be carriers of the sickness and therefore they're blindfolded and put in quarantine. Lidia sees that the townspeople begin to harass them, and their father, Gastón (43 years old), exposes them to humiliating public situations trying to prove that they are not ill. Everyone starts to believe them, however, things get complicated when Alexo catches a cold and cannot get better for weeks. This pushes Lidia towards a confrontation with her father and the townspeople who are immersed in the windstorm of a local myth, in order to get help.

Visual concept: 

We're planning to create and atmosphere that mixed daily life, confinement, and myth. The daily aspect is the relationship among the siblings: close and sensorial. They do everything together; polish their nails, wash their hair and whisper secrets to one another. The confinement is reflected in scenes occurring near the windows, showing the forbidden exterior, and static shots due to the character's inability to take an action. Everything is surrounded by the present myth in the frequent narrations, by what the siblings hears from the locals.