La pelota roja (en)

La pelota roja



Carlos Lechuga


  • Germany
  • Cuba
  • United States


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

  1. Santa & Andrés by Carlos Lechuga
    Focus Îles Caraïbes : Renouveau du Cinéma Cubain.
  2. Claudia Calviño, producer
    Cinélatino's special guest: Yuli, El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García, Candelaria.

Script writer(s): 

Carlos Lechuga et Fabian Suarez


Vicenta  (55),  is  a  medium  gifted  with the ability to talk to the dead and see the future. She daily receives a dozen of women friends at home who come to her in the search of truth. She lives in a big old house with the only company of her submissive  daughter  Vivian  (22).  Their lives are surrounded by a magic world full of ghosts, and characterized also by a sort of possessive relationship from mother to girl. One day Vivian unexpectedly leaves the house. For the first time Vicenta is by herself and can’t focus on her medium’s work. In the middle of a crisis of faith, she seems to have lost her gift. She can’t make it to read her cards. It seems like her gods won’t talk to her anymore. Vivian helps her mother to understand that for the very first time both of them are free... they can really do whatever they want. But, what to do with so much freedom? How to do it without a clear guidance?

Visual concept: 

Red  Ball  is a film about the mystery that surrounds us... about humans and their environment.  About  faith  and  family.  I want  to  tell  this  story  using  simplicity and clarity. This is why its visualization, atmosphere and soundtrack world will be shown with extreme austerity. This is a very feminine film. The staff will be integrated by women and most of the characters are women, too. This is why I intend to focus mainly in the work with actresses, so all that creative and feminine energy can be shown on the screen.