La última película de acción (en)

La última película de acción



Oriol Estrada
Natalia Cabral


  • Dominican Republic


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Miriam Miente (Miriam Lies)

Script writer(s): 

Oriol Estrada et Natalia Cabral


Andrés, a young film graduate, returns to Dominican Republic believing he has no talent to be a director. His parents want to help him so they send an old video letter to  Hollywood  in  which  a  very  innocent Andrés invites his idol of youth, an old American action film star, to participate in his first film. The actor, depressed and forgotten, is encouraged by his agent to accept the offer so that he lightens up in the Caribbean and spends a few days on the beach. The actor accepts the invitation with the hope of finding meaning to his life. Andrés doesn’t want to film a script from  his  youth,  but  he  continues  as everyone begins to take him seriously for the first time. But when shooting begins, imbalances and mix-ups arise for both of them. However, as filming progresses, a friendship grows between them as they both need the film to save themselves from a life full of failures.

Visual concept: 

We believe in improvisation and capturing reality  in  all  its  details  as  a  working method.  We  want  viewers  to  feel  that the  characters  could  be  interpreting themselves  while  performing  their roles. We will use a documentary style photography, with long shots during the filming process and some scenes captured with just one take. Dominican Republic will also be a character in the film, with situations inspired by the film fever that has  driven  the  Dominican Film Law,  in streets full of heat, chaos and urban art inspired by action film imaginary.