Las Flores del Oro (en)

Las Flores del Oro



Carlos Tribiño Mamby


  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Carlos Tribiño Mamby


The flowers of gold tells the adventure of Mary (15), Pipe (14) and Tavo (16) in the search of their dreams and desires in a rural zone of Colombia. Easy money and quick enrichment is the dream that makes them escape from their homeland and adventure to find wealth in the large illegal gold mines of the Amazon. They will come across obstacles to overtake and tragedies to mourn. Their morals will be decimated and their world will become complex and violent. Tavo's pursuit of vengeance and power, Mary’s dream of fortune, and the escape of reality that Pipe gradually achieves, are the main motivations that will make the story end in a tragic and at the same time fantastic ending. Mary, Pipe and Tavo will adventure themselves in the search of their ambitions, moving farther away from home each time.

Visual concept: 

The script seeks to tell the story realistically. The methodology for the creation is based on research of the problem exposed in areas where illegal mining is being developed. So acts are building and will  be  based  on  experiences  of  people  who  have  lived  and  experienced  firsthand  the  complex situation.  I  want  a  vivid  narrative,  with  actions  and  events  that  unfold  from  causes  that  trigger  behavior changes and decisions.