L'avenir dure longtemps, 50 ans de guerilla des FARC (en)

L'avenir dure longtemps, 50 ans de guerilla des FARC



Pierre Carles


  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Pierre Carles


The FARC, oldest guerilla of the planet is going to sign a peace agreement. In 1965 Jean-Pierre Sergent and Bruno Muel were the first men filming rebels in a country devastated by inequalities and violence from the landowners. Both Frenchmen are secretly making their way as far as Rio Chiquito where guerilla is being carried out. Not far from here, one year earlier fifty farmers took the arms to defend themselves and broke loose from being encircled by the Columbian Army, it is the founding act of the FARC. They are filming the everyday life of the peasant guerilleros. Manuel Marulanda who will be leading for half a century the most important communist maquis of half XXth century grants his first interview. Nobody at the time knows he will become a mythical character such as Che Guevara. Muel, Sergent, the members of the maquis, surviving people from that time and the youngest ones call forth this unusual resistance.

Visual concept: 

With the last living witnesses from the film Rio Chiquito by Muel and Sergent, with records, during the Cuba negotiations we shall be led up to understand in what social and political context a unit of armed fight started. We will turn fifty years later the end of that existence, sort of Rio Chiquito inside down. We shall come along in the Columbian mountains when going on a farewell tour with Miguel Pascuas, the oldest still operating chief or Laura Villa, a young middle class doctor.