L’homme caché (en)

L’homme caché



Sergio Castro


  • Chile
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Sergio Castro


After attending the capture of his father from the hands of Pinochet's soldiers, Ricardo, a young man of 17, decides to join the "resistance front" that work against the dictatorship. Ricardo life changes forever when participating in an operation which finishes with the death of a senator,5 which is the brain of the "military coup" in Chile. Ricardo is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was interrogated and tortured. Yet while the future was very dark for him, he managed to escape. Now in 2015 he is still the most wanted man in the country. Hidden somewhere, Ricardo yet managed to contact his relatives. This film is his story, past and present, that of "hidden man."

Visual concept: 

Research and memory are the concepts of the film. The characters are itinerant, who searched the places visited by the protagonist, invisible. This path will be filmed with a camera on steady cam and wide dolly. The interviews will be worked in VoiceOver, they evoke memories of a family album, the listening of a jail recording, the reading of a letter. The archives will be independent times. There will fictional scenes to embody Ricardo.