Mandoble (en)




Daniel F. Benavides C.


  • Colombia
  • Ecuador


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Daniel F. Benavides C.


Duality dwells inside Marlon's body; a noble heart clashes with a raging spirit, and this violent essence has left a trail of fights and chaos that haunts him and his family. When he meets Ernest, he learns to channel his rage into boxing, but in spite of his victories in the ring, Marlon still has dangerous enemies in town. To get him out of there and test him, Ernest finds him a boxing match in Las Vegas. Everything seems like a dream when Marlon arrives to America, but his own uncontrollable essence inevitably destroys his dream, ruining his match. Marlon can't accept his own defeat and decides to stay illegally, to keep his promise of returning home as a champion and redeem himself. Without telling anybody about the hard destiny that meets him from that day forward, Marlon searches for a new opportunity at all costs.

Visual concept: 

This is a story of constant movement, and that must be reflected in the film's cinematography. The camera should fluidly and closely follow the action, and adjust the film's speed according to the narrative stage. This story is divided in two places and two personalities; light will accentuate these changes through high-contrast lightning. This contrast is also seen in the audio: soft incidental tunes transition to heavy music.