Motín (en)




Claudia Huaiquimilla


  • Chile


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Claudia Huaiquimilla & Pablo Greene


Sunday, Visit’s Day in a Chilean youth detention center. This day changes the mood of the place, except for ANGEL (16) and FRANCO (14), brothers who, with their section mates, are planning a riot inside the institution to demand better conditions. During the day, the planning itself will reveal all the dreams they have once they’re out, and also the strong differences between them. At night, while they’re all reunited watching the National super-classic soccer game, the authorities interrupts their activity finding out that this 10 teenagers have planed a riot. In the extremely confusing intensity of the moment, the protest, and one runaway attempt, their plan will be frustrated when, by the fire they’ve started, everyone begins to suffocate. The negligent procedure of the authorities, plus the uncontrollable fire, causes the death of all the teenagers, burying their hopes and dreams.

Visual concept: 

This movie will sensitize the audience by giving them a privileged access to the everyday life of young teenagers who are private of their freedom, allowing to unleash the fragility and beauty hidden behind them in contrast with their brutal environment. Full shots, very symmetrical and without movement, where the dynamism will be given by the choreography of the characters, emphasizing the immovable and tedious place in contrast with the agility of their youth, which even in a prison is still searching from freedom.