O Filho Plantado (en)

O Filho Plantado



Thais Fujinaga


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Thais Fujinaga


Afraid of living her oldness alone, Hilda decides to adopt Lia, a 14 years old who needs to endure a race against the time to become a professional athlete. Joca, her brother, is turning 18 soon and has to leave the orphanage even without a place to go. Lia tries to convince Hilda to adopt both of them and the woman starts to spend time with the brothers. At first, Hilda is intimidate with Joca's presence, but eventually she develops affection with the boy. Even so, she cannot consider adopting a grown-up black male. Meanwhile, Lia believes Hilda wants to adopt her to be a house keeper and is angry at Hilda ́s decision about not adopting her brother. In the middle of all of that, Joca hardens. He feels time rushing against him and runs away. Hilda, who just wanted to save herself, feels she needs to find Joca and help him. When they finally meet again there is only time to say goodbye.

Visual concept: 

The light and color concept is naturalistic. Silence and minced words punctuate moments of dramatic dilution of the plot, leaving the outer of collective record to probe the interior of each character. Rather than suggesting the idea of confrontation in the relationships amongst them, the closeness between the camera and characters display the body as an impassable barrier, in a mise en scène of friction between a probed interiority - by the image and sound - and a wide external reality that expels the characters and enhances their fragility.