O herói hesitante (en)

O herói hesitante



Carlos Segundo


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Carlos Segundo, Muryel de Zoppa


A man and a woman isolated in a beach house. Him, a poet who seeks to figure out what is around him at that moment. Her, maybe the key to his understanding. For both of them, the only bridge to the external world lies on the poems he writes or recites. Outside, he has the chance to revisit his own old life in a time-space game, a spiral narrative where he can remember and reinvent vital characters and passages in his background. Seven stories that make up a love adventure and build up a journey, and the freedom to that prison lies solely on the discovery of the real meaning of his relationship with his memory and with that woman. A film that explores the limits between human consciousness and unconsciousness, between concreteness and unpredictability. One contemporary’s movie with structure, situations and events that guide the character through his experience.

Visual concept: 

The proposal is that the film has a consistency and clearly demarcates the beach house and the outside world to her. Accordingly, differentiate the position of the camera and the color palette of the spaces is key. The seven stories that make up the film are independent but build one with your chain. As a sound proposal the film is narrated by the main character and he records all his reflection in a portable recorder he carries everywhere he goes. The editing of the film aims to create unity, tying what appears to be fragile and dispersed.