O Rio que engole todos os rios (en)

O Rio que engole todos os rios



Diogo Faggiano


  • Argentina
  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

The Revolution of the Year, 2014 (Documentary Competition)

Script writer(s): 

Diogo Faggiano, Omar Mustafá


A cinematographic essay on the basis of reflexive documentaries (references: Werner Herzog, Germany, and Joshua Oppenheimer, USA) that approaches the conflict of the victims of the mine exploitation in North Kivu (Democratic Republic of the Congo) with the primary goal to restore the physical presence – socially and individually.

Visual concept: 

We will travel to the region and stay in the villages that surround the mines and live the daily routine of its inhabitants, registering the social universe around the coltan extraction. Later on, we shall approach workers that will be portrayed and interviewed individually. As the last works of the director, like The Revolution of the Year, filmed in Egypt and Syria, the narrative should be build along with the characters. The process involves investigating the imagination of the subject.