A pele da flor (en)

A pele da flor



Aude Chevalier-Beaumel
Dominique Guerrero


  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Dominique Guerrero


In Curibita, Brazil, on the initiative of Flavia Carvalho, the project A pele da flor was born, tattoo as a repair. In her tattoo shop, Flavia talks with a woman, a picture of a scar is on the table. While they evoke its history, a stab wound given by her ex-husband, Flavie sketches a draw. By filming Flavia's movements, this drawing is going to take shape on her skin, fill up with colors, erasing little by little the print which made her relive daily this painful moment. We are in Rosy's home. Tattooed by Flavia after an aggression, she tells us how this tattoo allowed her to made up with her own body and to regain self-respect. Other women will bring their own testimonies. We will also put our camera in the local police that guides women assaulted towards Flavia. A surprising collaboration ! This movie will show how artistic creations substitute for barbarism

Visual concept: 

Our movie stages a possible repair of the violence against women through this Flavia Carvalho's quite unique project. It is articulated around several lines, Flavia's portrait, the words of these women, the implication of the local police, mixed in the evolution of the story. Flavia will speak to us about her initiative and her commitment, by drawing and tattooing. We will collect the stories of women who have already been tattooed byFlavia and we will follow one of them in this approach of « repair » tattoo that will appear during all the movie.