Perros (en)




Vinko Tomicic


  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Mexico


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Vinko Tomicic


Martín is a 13-year-old shoeshine boy from La Paz, who has lived all his life in the streets with the desire to find his father. Driven by this desire and some comments from his surroundings, Martín begins to suspect that one of his best clients is his father. Mister Novoa, a lonely tailor who has as his only emotional bond his dog Astor, a fine German shepherd whom he cares for like a son. Martín, anguished by this presentiment, devises a plan to kidnap the dog, with the intention of confronting this man that, he believes, has rejected him all these years.

Visual concept: 

In Bolivia, shoeshine boys have been discriminated by society throughout history. Those who practice this trade cover their faces with a balaclava, for shame and to hide their identity and avoid the stigmatization they suffer every day. That image, a boy that covers his face for shame, is the image that inspired me to make this film and is the core of the visual concept that I want for the movie: ”The use of the balaclava as a denial of identity".