Princessa (en)




Karine Teles


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Loveling by Gustavo Pizi

Script writer(s): 

Karine Teles


Camila and Ricardo are a young and hispter couple that work together and share responsibility for their baby, Otto. After attending a soccer match, Ricardo comes back home with a weird wound. With each passing day, he becomes jealous, controlling and lazy, while he distances himself from the baby and Camila. After a few days, Ricardo organizes an ostentatious proposal. Camila is dazed and before she can even answer, Ricardo puts a ring on her finger. After a strange event, Camila also starts to behave differently, and she can only think of her big wedding party. Like Ricardo, Camila is affected by this new “disease” that seems uncontrollable.

Visual concept: 

Our hero is a successful professional and a free woman but because of this “moral virus” she ends up becoming an oppressed princess. A few of the major inspirations for the tone and audiovisual concept of the film approaches the thrillers Get out by Jordan Peele for its mixture of horrors and politics and Custody by Xavier Legrand for the claustrophobic lensing of the interiors. The actors’ direction intends to be naturalistic in  contrast with the situation, inspired by works like Sigourney Weaver in Alien or Kirsten Dunst in Melancolia.