Revolución a la Cubana (en)

Revolución a la Cubana



Kathy Sebbah, Javier Ruiz Gómez


  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Kathy Sebbah, Javier Ruiz Gómez


In June 1959, 6 months after the beginning of the revolution, Edith Depestre (born Gombos), lands in Cuba. A speaker of 8 languages, she becomes Fidel Castro’ interpreter. Attracted by the enthusiasm generated by the revolution, Sagan, Sartre, de Beauvoir; the French "intelligentsia," flock to Havana. The young Hungarian translates, listens, learns; a privileged witness in the eye of the revolutionary storm.
Today, after the death of Fidel Castro, Cuba is about to enter a new and different kind of revolution. Retrace the footsteps of Edith Gombos, to facilitate meetings with Cubans who knew this era, listen to their version of a time when the world awaited the next phase of the "revolution’s honeymoon."

Visual concept: 

The idea is to confront the Cuba of 1959 to 66 (when Edith decides to abandon the regime of which she disapproves), with the Cuba of today. This involves weaving a fabric of images, sounds, texts of the period (Edith’s personal archives as well as Cuban archives) with meetings made today. Filming people in conversation (in family, in unexpected locations...), rather than being interviewed.