Sábado Morto (en)

Sábado Morto



Leonardo Lacca


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Leonardo Lacca


Aline and Diogo are living a troubled marriage ending. He is a doctor on call and won’t accept the separation. She is an oncologist and struggles, secretly, to accept a miscarriage. She knows that Diogo's brother was murdered because of an old family bad blood on the countryside. It is her responsibility to tell him this news. This leads them on a trip to Diogo's hometown, a place in his past he denied for years. At the funeral, Terezinha, Diogo’s mother and family’s matriarch, places on him the duty of revenge, a demand to return to his origins. From there, we see the power struggle between Aline and Terezinha for Diogo’s destiny. On one hand, a mother wants her estranged child to take his rightful place. On the other, a woman tries to avoid her ex-partner from committing an act that is against his nature. The two women want revenge from nature.

Visual concept: 

The film will be shot in cinemascope with smooth and symmetrical camera movements. The imbalance is inside the characters. I have a great interest in working with the actors and in building challenging dialogues. The sound and image follow the narrative, which leap from the noisy city, pass through the darkness on the road and arrive in the silent landscape of the countryside. This reflects in the genre itself, ranging from love story and psychological drama, flirts with a road movie, until it becomes a thriller about matriarchy and liberation.