Sangre propia (en)

Sangre propia



Andrea Castillo Cuéllar


  • Chile


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Near The River (Cerca del río)

Script writer(s): 

Andrea Castillo Cuéllar


Ariela (46), a Bolivian immigrant, has been working  for  eight  years  as  housemaid in the home of a Chilean family. While Ariela takes care of the daughter of that family, her own daughter Nayeli (7) goes to school full time and then waits in a precarious ballet workshop for Ariela to pick her up. Ariela has lost contact with her parents, because they refuse to talk to her since she left the Aymara community where she grew up, however, her mother's health leads her to go on a trip to Bolivia so  Nayeli  can  meet  her  grandmother. Ariela and Nayeli board a bus, but the loss of a purse with documents forces them to stay stranded at the border. Ariela decides to call a former boyfriend who lives in that town to help them. In this desolate place Ariela  discovers  the  human  limits,  that the past is irreparable and how far she is willing to go to protect her daughter.

Visual concept: 

Own Blood is a road trip that will be filmed between Santiago and Bolivia. The main goal of the audiovisual concept is to show the  relationship  between  mother  and daughter. For this, in the insides scenes, we will use the closed-up shots with great emphasis on the skin and corporality of the  characters.  On  the  contrary,  in  the exteriors, we'll use wide shots to privilege the oppressing environment. It's essential for the movie to generate empathy with this peculiar maternal relationship, so the public can understand what's in risk for Ariela.