Saved Images (en)

Imágenes Guardadas



Gustavo Gamero


  • Mexico

Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Tierra - Competition short fiction film

Script writer(s): 

Gustavo Gamero


Dana is 22 years old. She works in a call center while finishing her degree in photography. Caro is 23 years old. She's a musician and a graphic designer. They live in the industrial Monterrey city. They start a relationship after meeting in a concert and move in together. They enjoy the little moments they share while surviving low-paying jobs with the eternal hope of living off what they love. Something changes when Caro's family moves to Mexico City and Dana is fired from her job. Caro returns to live with her family to recover from depression. They lose communication. Dana sends Caro a video letter where she reflects on what they lived. Caro replies with another one from her point of view. They will resume their communication in an attempt to heal wounds.

© GustavoGamero

Visual concept: 

Saved Images is a coming of age that combines fiction, videocalls and video letters made by Dana and Caro using the archive they saved during their relationship (photos, videos, sounds, voice notes) and creating new archive like drawings, songs, writings, ando more. They don't look for truthfulness but to reconstruct the memories as they lived and felt them. The interlacing of memories will allow them to imagine possible pasts and futures, as they recognize themselves to heal.