Sin receta (en)

Sin receta



Gonzalo Díaz


  • Chile


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Casi Famoso

Script writer(s): 

Gonzalo Diaz, Francisco Espinoza, Alexis Dos Santos


Valentín and María have been married for 39 years. They run a pharmacy as a family business. He is a bitter pharmaceutical chemist, while she is a kind therapist dedicated to Bach flowers remedies.
They both have a daily routine until María suffers a heart attack that leaves her very weak. In this new scenario, María demands to be taken care of by her son Antonio, who lives in Brazil and whom she has not seen for more than ten years, due to the bad father and son’s relationship. Valentín does not agree with the idea, but accepts it. Valentín and Antonio’s reunion is less tense than expected until Antonio's partner, Camilo, decides to come to visit Chile and María expresses her desire to meet him. Valentín prepares himself a cocktail of anxiolytics, but after realizing that Camilo is a friendly Brazilian of his own age, he begins to experience feelings of rejection, frustration and confusion.

Visual concept: 

This film is designed to convey the psyche and the change experienced by its protagonist. He moved from a rigid and paranoid mind to the flexibility of sincere acceptance. In this case, a 70 year-old man hits rock bottom in his repressed life, to look at reality with a different perspective. The idea is to move from inside out, in a tone of drama and comedy that is based on human relationships and identification with the characters. The staging emphasizes the direction of art and a simple camera language at the service of the story.