Somos muchas más (en)

Somos muchas más



Julia Martinez Heymann
Natalia Laclau


  • Argentina
  • France


Feature film




In the country of Maradona, the women's football team will participate in the World Cup in France! While the team is training in the Villa 31, a gigantic slum in the center of Buenos Aires, the women's football association, La Nuestra, fights to defend their field threatened by the urbanization. Juliana, coach of La Nuestra, and Yesica, one of the players of the football school of Villa 31, face a double challenge: defend their field and form, from a feminist perspective, the players of tomorrow. Meanwhile, Belen Potassa and Estefania Banini, both forwards of the national team, are preparing to compete with the best players in the world. How does the feminist movement, which is challenging the country since the "Ni una ni menos" protest of 2015, influences these two collectives? What interactions they have? What kind of football are they building: women's football or feminist football?

Visual concept: 

Somos muchas más is based on the intimate observation, the following and crossing of four women’s lives in Buenos Aires. Through their trajectory, the gatherings and assemblies they participate, we go discovering the challenges, fights and collective dynamics those women and football players carry on. Fragments of their lives are the main support to understand how their personal behaviors are linked with the global demands from their own areas, as well as from women in Argentina, and more generally in the world.