Tinnitus (en)




Gregorio Graziosi


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Gregorio Graziosi et Marco Dutra


Marina, 30 years old, is an ex­diver who is suffering from a terrible buzzing in her ears, which affects her emotional and physical balance. Away from professional competitions after an accident suffered in the last Olympics, she decides to go back to competing in hopes of winning an Olympic medal, even though her life is put to risk by doing so. In order to attain her goal and beat her younger opponents, Marina needs to regain confidence in her own body, overcome her fear of the diving board and defeat her biggest enemy: that haunting buzzing sound.

Visual concept: 

The film will follow Marina, a professional diving athlete, as her hearing problems grow worse. She’s always present. Tinnitus will project the city into its main character, as if a shadow. The pressure builds  up  and  the  buzzing  intensifies as  the film moves towards its climax. As the narrative progresses, we will use more close up lenses, getting closer to the actors. The framing will be geometrical and precise. Emotional tension of the characters will be reflected by their surroundings and also through the use of silence.