Todos somos marineros (en)

Todos somos marineros



Miguel Angel Moulet


  • Peru


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Paraiso, 2010 (Film feature competition)

Script writer(s): 

Miguel Angel Moulet


Krystof, his brother and the captain live on a fishing ship, stranded to the port of El Callao. The company is bankrupted, the ship hasn’t fished in eight weeks and the rest of the crew has returned to their countries. With no money and with practically no possibility of change in sight, Krystof tries to adapt to a new way of life on solid ground.

Visual concept: 

The exaggerated grain of the image is uncomfortable to see. We’re looking for clarity but the characters can’t give it to us. Their story is about accepting the world that was given to them, to adapt to an unknown and hostile place. You perceive that world from the first shot, where the image is dirty, greasy: the movie starts with the descent of a flag full of excrements and finishes with the raise of a flag on solid ground; Krystof helps the woman he loves hang her clothes in a roof top where the abandoned ship is a tiny speck in the deep grey.