Tristán (en)



Martina Matzkin
Gabriela Uassouf


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

El Nombre del Hijo - Compétition Court-métrage fiction 2021

Script writer(s): 

Gabriela Uassouf, Martina Matzkin


Tristán, a trans boy from a working-class neighborhood in suburban Buenos Aires, is about to finish high-school. He begins to wonder about his future, his identity, his relationships, and his changing body. In an age where every personal decision seems to need the authorization of an adult, he will not only have to deal with his own questions and fears, but also with those of his parents’. Luckily, he has found the way to take refuge from the world: his drawings. Tristán loves to create fantastic characters, like androgynous mixes of humans and animals, or colorful creatures with diabolic horns and angel’s wings. This hybrid film will mix observation with animation based on Tristán’s drawings to narrate this key moment of life: the passage to adulthood.

Visual concept: 

We will portray Tristan's link with his context as a contrast. The colorful figure in a gray crowd, the moving point between the concrete buildings, the silent one on the loudest school’s recess. We will incorporate animation based on Tristán's drawings to unfold his inner world (reflections, memories, fantasies): we believe that one’s who he has been, who he dreams to be, and then, who one becomes in this world.