Una historia invisible (en)

Una historia invisible



Arami Ullón


  • Paraguay
  • Switzerland


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

El Tiempo Nublado, 2014(Documentary Competition)

Script writer(s): 

Arami Ullón


The Ayoreo are indigenous inhabitants of the Paraguayan Chaco. Most of them were forced to sedentarism and evangelism thus deprived of their spirit, to live in extreme poverty. But many Ayoreo have never come in touch with civilization to this day. Swiss anthropologist Benno Glauser has been exploring their culture for 30 years on the spot, collecting evidence of their existence. However, with his fight for their rights he has created enemies. Entrepreneurs and missionaries, and even the Paraguayan government, want to keep on enforcing their economic interests in the area. Since Benno received death threats, and became a victim of persecution,he had to avoid the Chaco. But now he embarks on a journey with some old Ayoreo who wish to return to their ancestral territory one last time before dying.
Will it be possible for Glauser to find irrefutable evidence of the existence of the isolated Ayoreo?

Visual concept: 

The subject of this documentary needs a constant exercise in flexibility, referring to distance and closeness. A close approach to the intimate and emotional life of the characters and a certain distance as an act of respect towards an ancient culture and towards the voluntary decision of many Ayoreo to live in isolation from our civilization. The camera needs to be extremely sensitive and intimate and yet it must not violate that sacred space. The sound will play a key role in building the corners of that world that remains invisible to us.