Vida social (en)

Vida social



Martín Shanly


  • Argentina


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Martín Shanly


Divided in separate, self-contained episodes, the film explores different aspects of Arturo’s life, specifically his relationships. Going from exchanges with teenage sister to a casual run-in with his ex-boyfriend, the film slowly but surely delves into the inner struggles of a troubled young man.

Visual concept: 

Each episode in the film revolves around a different character in the main character’s life and it is my wish for each one to have a specific and distinct feel to them. This goes from pacing, color palette or even concept. I want each episode to dive into different worlds and atmospheres. The important part of each episode is different depending on what story the episode tells. It’s a fun way to get to work in different registers. One episode can be very dialogue-driven while another very quiet and camera-driven.