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Linda Ferrer Roca


  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Linda Ferrer Roca


In the forest, on the banks of a muddy river, children play on the wreck of a washed up boat. The voice over reads an extract of the tale of Fitzcarraldo. The wreck becomes the vessel which transports them beyond space and time. Other images come, in black and white, slightly out of focus; it is the same forest, Indians bend under bundles of rubber. They load up a boat. Today, men go down the river in a dugout canoe. The swish of saws, a muffled, but powerful thud cuts the air, a tree falls. Lucho has decided to rest in the village. Some evenings the techno cumbia remix the musical part of the selva... The youths drink and dance. They dream of dance floors and money. Late in the evening David fishes in the lake. He listens to the Amazonian night. He says that there are dead fish who still hear the gods of the river breathing.

Visual concept: 

The mix of live images and images taken from archives anchors this film in several different moments of time. The film will be driven by two dynamics. A narrative course will attest the facts and a life sometimes joyful. Whilst a logic based on the senses, is developed by the fictional power and the poetry of the archives, and by the reoccurring symbol of the shipwrecks. Through the technical work of framing and of editing, this symbol will be the relay that links the past and the present, man and the forest.