Connexion Cinélatino - Iroko (en)


Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse is initiating this year a partnership with the Association IROKO, to create a space that makes visible various projects developed by member directors. A selection of projects at different stages (writing, post-production, completed films) will be presented to professionals by Boris Prieto, Adonis Liranza and Marie Olland.


Rich in its diversity, history, talents and the curiosity of those who make it happen, Cuban cinema is nowadays brought to the international scene by passionate directors and young producers who ensure its renewal.

IROKO, a Franco-Cuban association, works alongside them and has set itself the objective of participating in the promotion and distribution of Cuban cinema internationally. It deploys its actions in various forms and in particular through a web platform for referencing and information, giving access to Cuban film content for film lovers and professionals. It contributes to the representativeness of Cuban cinema in French and European festivals by offering tailor-made programmes and by supporting Cuban directors in their efforts. IROKO also addresses producers, distributors, broadcasters and cultural institutions by advising them on their projects with Cuba, ensuring their contact with the island's
professionals and providing them with a pool of potential project.

In a permanent search for concrete means of action to support the production, promotion and distribution of Cuban cinema beyond its borders, IROKO enthusiastically embraces this new collaboration with Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse.


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The Selection 2019

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