Ainda (en)




Lillah Halla


  • Brazil
  • France
  • Uruguay

Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Menarca - Compétition Court-métrage fiction

Script writer(s): 

Lillah Halla, María Elena Morán


Sofia is 16 years old and in the middle of a crucial championship volleyball season. She tries to take care of an unexpected pregnancy by herself — willing to risk the dangerous and clandestine options in her country where abortion is a capital crime. Sofia asks for her father’s help, but as the news starts to spread through her small village, any autonomy Sofía may have thought she had over her own future is quickly, and brutally, banished. However, Sofía’s need for survival is bigger than the oppression she is subjected to, even if the consequences will be devastating.

Visual concept: 

Human created political cartographies collide in Ainda´s images, as the idea of opposing forces separated by a fragile imaginary border becomes a leitmotif in the film. This becomes materialized in the volleyball court, in the frontier of Brazil-Uruguay, in the male/female ideas about adolescence. Therefore, ambiguity becomes important when it comes to character design, casting, locations, art direction and costume design. The young cast selection is also urban, androgynous, diversely pulsating.