All or nothing (en)

Plata o Mierda



Toia Bonino


  • Argentina
  • Spain


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

La Sangre en el Ojo - Compétition Long-métrage documentaire 2021

Script writer(s): 

Toia Bonino, Nicolas Testoni


Marcos is in jail in a prison in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the middle of the pandemic, his most precious possession is a mobile phone that his girlfriend Sol smuggled to him into jail. With it, Marcos records and sends me videos. Together we make this film that is his portrait, but also mine. Through this clandestine exchange, All or Nothing narrates Marcos' life in prison and his love story with Sol. A relationship that for Marcos represents the hope of a better life, for which he bets on everything or nothing. So when that love comes to an end, Marcos becomes a man who has lost everything. Even the promise of a future.

Visual concept: 

A wide variety of voices and origins coexist in the film: VHS family recordings, security camera records, fragments of television newscasts and, primarily, filming made with the protagonist's cell phone. We propose this  diversity of formats to configure a story without firm enunciative hierarchies. A story that is assembled like a puzzle whose pieces never quite fit together.