Alone (en)




Pablo Briones


  • Switzerland


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Baracoa - Découvertes Documentaire, Cinéma en Région 2021

Script writer(s): 

Pablo Briones


Domitila, an elderly woman of Peruvian origin, lives and works in the shadows for more than 20 years. When she lost her daughter to cancer, she found herself unable to repatriate her body without exposing herself to the authorities. She is advised to opt for cremation, but Domitila wants to fulfill her daughter’s will, that of being buried in their village of origin.

Visual concept: 

A fiction enriched by the elements of reality that inspire it. The writing is inspired by the life of Domitila (who interprets herself) but the staging responds to the codes of fiction. However, the acting (non-professional) will be nourished by improvisation. For the image, I am inspired by notions of invisibility, erasure, exclusion. Suggesting instead of showing. To signal presence by absence. The proportions to the frame, the frame edge, the off-frame then become essential.