Filho de Boi (en)

Filho de Boi



Haroldo Borges
Ernesto Molinero


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Haroldo Borges et Paula Gomes


Lucas is 12 and he lives with his father, isolated, in the middle of the dry outbacks in Bahia, an area harshly punished by the drought. His father is a severe and authoritarian cowboy. Lucas’ greatest wish is to run away from him. Lucas’ inspiration is the superhero in an old comic book comic that he keeps hidden under his mattress. One day a circus comes to town looking for candidates to fill clown a vacancy on the troupe. Lucas believes that this is the perfect opportunity to escape! But the challenge is not easy. He is a shy boy and has no comic talent. Also, everyone in town, adults and children, is thinking the same thing. Everyone wants to be funny to become a clown and escape the hinterland and the drought. But, surprisingly, Lucas is chosen as the circus new clown, and he travels on a journey that will take you where he least expected: the meeting with his father.

Visual concept: 

Film experiences are often compared to dream experiences. The documentary language that we’ll try to achieve gets a special flavor when conflicts with Lucas' fantasy and the universe of superheroes. From the game played by dream and reality, we’ll make curious language experiments combining the actors’ realistic interpretations with Lucas’ subjective universe. The challenge is to create poetry of how the character sees poetry in the world.