Healings (en)




Fabiana Ex-Souza
Jean-Marie Teno


  • France


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Project from Occitanie Region.

Script writer(s): 

Fabiana Ex-Souza et Jean-Marie Teno


Healings is a feature-length documentary about a reconstruction process involving both the identity and the trauma of an Afro-descendant family in contemporary Brazil. Returning to her neighbourhood of origin on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, visual artist Fabiana Ex-Souza takes us on her quest to repair her mother, Maria de Fatima's memory. In an attempt to rectify her death certificate on which Ex-Souza is not inscribed as her mother's legitimate daughter, the artist will embark on a procedure to restore her disavowed filiation rights. In order to do so, her father will have to revisit his errors of the past, recognize Ex-Souza, and accompany her in this process. Between apprehension and hope, a path to healing wounds begins to emerge.

Visual concept: 

Healings is a co-authored intimate thriller set to the backdrop of the complexities of Brazilian society. Visual artist Fabiana Ex-Souza will film the sites of her childhood, her family, and will reconstitute the life of her mother, who died suddenly aged 46. Moreover, Cameroonian filmmaker Jean-Marie Teno will accompany her in her interactions with her family and the authorities to restore both the truth on her mother's official documents and her dignity.