Hollow (en)




Martín Sappia


  • Argentina


Short film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Un Cuerpo estalló en mil pedazos - Compétition Long-métrage documentaire 2021

Script writer(s): 

Martin Sappia


César (68) is a night watchman in a factory. One afternoon he receives a letter from his sister. She has sold the family plot of land in the mountains where his wife's ashes are buried. He decides to leave his job and travel to the countryside to retrieve them. On his way he loses his money. Determined to get there, he continues his journey on foot through the mountain trails he knew as a child. Among pine forests he discovers the house of Antonia (69). He spends a few days there working where he discovers photographs of the construction of the dam in which his family participated. On his way he sleeps in the forest and dreams of old illustrations of plants he collected as a child. He continues on and when he reaches his land he sees the tree that houses the ashes engulfed in flames.

Visual concept: 

Hondonada is a film divided into two parts. One part takes place in the city and the other in nature. Each has a content anchored in specific forms. The city is closer to reality, the mountains go deeper into the realm of the poetic. Hondonada seeks to portray characters within their working world and how it has marked their lives. The characters are beings inserted in a social world in which they resist more than they enjoy, but in nature they find their reparation.