Monika - Soul of Fire (en)

Monika - Âme de feu



Luis Villafane Guevara
Ananda Henry-Biabaud


  • Germany
  • Bolivia
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Luis Villafane Guevara


« This little girl will be the Aryan woman paradigm ». That’s what Hitler will say about Monika, 6 years old, while sitting on his lap. After the second catastrophic world war, thousands of Nazi top officials escape to South America. Hans E., Monika’s father, is one of them. He seeks safety in Bolivia. In the late 60’s Monika is 16 and discovers this country which amazes and overhelms her. She’s outraged by the social inequality and the poverty of the population. Determined to fight for this country, as if it was hers, her engagement keeps growing. In 1967, the assassination of Che Guevara leads her on the path of armed struggle. She’s 28 years old. During clandestinity, she falls in love with Inti, a Bolivian guerrilla leader. A love story that will make her one of the most wanted women in the 70’s

Visual concept: 

Monika will be built like a political thriller, where dramatic tension and suspense will be essential. We will be using a clair-obscur effect to suggest mystery and give density to Monika’s character. By favouring a »denuded » photography, we shall get to the point, with close-ups and shots and reverse shots. The music will mainly be composed with discreet atmospheric sounds to accompany the emotion but will also help us emphasize the silence. Heavy silence, intense and sometimes threatening .