Our daily flaws (en)

Desperfectos cotidianos



Juan Pablo Valenzuela Perez


  • France


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Project from Occitanie Region.

Script writer(s): 

Juan Pablo Valenzuela Perez


Vincent, 55, owns a photo store in a shopping mall. A fan of Salvatore Adamo, he has booked a tour that should take him to the mythical places of his idol's career. He only has two weeks to pay, but his business is experiencing difficulties. One day, Vincent is assaulted on the bus. He is saved by Adela, 35, a prostitute of Nigerian origin. Although used to being wary of people, Adela lets her guard down with him. A story will then be born between them, which will help them heal some of their wounds.
But one day, Adela is kidnapped and raped. In order for her to try to start a new life far away, Vincent decides to give her the money saved for her turn. Adela accepts and leaves. Vincent stays in his store listening to Adamo.

Visual concept: 

The loneliness of the protagonists will be reflected by large deserted spaces: half-empty shopping centers, soulless industrial zones. A universe inspired by Hopper's paintings.
Then the story that is being built between them will leave less room for this surrounding, the camera will come closer, more intimate, focus on the bodies.
Salvatore Adamo's music will translate Vincent's view of the world: A mixture of innocence and romanticism, a kind of serious lightness.