Your silence will not protect you (en)

O Teu Silêncio Não te Protegerá



Maria Clara Escobar


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Desterro - Compétition Long-métrage de fiction

Script writer(s): 

Maria Clara Escobar


In Brazil, women are being forbidden to walk on the streets. With this background, we see, in three different chapters, how women in different moments of history try to create a possible path for their lives. And to write a different story. In each chapter, the main character passes the baton to the next. The characters are not recurrent, however, it’s the actions and decisions of each of them in each chapter that define what will take place in the next one. These women struggle, and they build a new relationship between imagery and bodily experience created in their lives but also in the film. What can the warfare image of a woman in motion be?

Visual concept: 

Following the experience of Desterro, this film is also divided in three chapters, although done differently, because now the characters also change. Made from the point of view of a woman that experiences life in a fragmented narrative, this film is also fragmented. The aim is to show how the future is already happening. Linear times are mixed and therefore make different characters repeat the same path. A few women die in the way, but it's the refusal of current representations that will set these women free.