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Films in Progress

Films in Progress, a joint initiative between Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse and the San Sebastian Festival, endeavours to facilitate the completion of rigorously selected latinoamerican films which, though completed, are having difficulty finding their way into the post-production stage, by screening them for a group of professionals, principally from the cross-border domain, who may be able to contribute to their completion.  ... more


Films in Progress 35 TOULOUSE, 28 AND 29 of MARCH 2019

Find informations on the 35th session of Films in Progress. ... more






Films in Progress could not exist without the faithful support of our partners : tecnical industries, cultural organisations, profesional networks, trainings, market and as well support from European, national, regional,  local and internationals public organisations ... more




All the details on the movies selected since March 2002 ...  more