Sobre la estabilidad de los 3 cuerpos (The three-body problem) (en)

Sobre la estabilidad de los 3 cuerpos
  • Sobre la estabilidad de los 3 cuerpos

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Premier film


Carlos Lenin Treviño Rodríguez


  • Mexico




100 min


Carlos Lenin, Jorge Guerrero


Alicia Segovia

Director of photography: 

Diego Tenorio Hernández


Paloma Petra (Paloma), Armando Hernández (Lobo)


Synopsis : 

Displaced by the violence that swept their town, Paloma and Lobo survive trying to love each other. Through thirst, fear and nostalgia, Paloma wishes to go back home but Lobo lives tied to a memory that stops him from returning.

Carlos Lenin Treviño Rodríguez

Director's biography: 

Carlos Lenin graduated from CUEC - UNAM. He concludes his academic studies under the tutelage of Abbas Kiarostami at the Specialization Workshop for Directors at IBAFF. In 2016, his film 24° 51’ North Latitude was nominated by the Mexican Academy of Film, Arts and Sciences for the Ariel award. Shortly after he receives the Orona Award of EIECINE at the 64º Festival of San Sebastian. He won five awards at the Festival Shorts Mexico: Best Shortfilm, the Warriors of the Press Award, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Sound.


2015 - 24°51’ Latitud Norte - Fiction - 28 min.
2012 - Inverso 3 y media vueltas en posición “C” - Fiction - 2 min.

Production notes: 

Miguel Ángel Sánchez, 1981 Mexico City, studied at the University Center for Film Studies (CUEC - UNAM). His most recent work as a producer has been selected for the ‘’Encuentro Nuevas Miradas’’ of the EICTV, Cuba. It won an award by EFD for its production and it was selected for the IV workshop of Ibermedia. He was one of the directors for the TV spots of Evo Morales’s presidential campaign in 2014. He's now producing a documentary feature film called La Misma Sangre.